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Careers with Batavia Air
Batavia Air continues to attract and recruit talented individuals from leading universities as well as industries. To meet our goals, we require intelligent, motivated, and client orientated people with a high level of English proficiency.

At Batavia Air, you will have many opportunities to develop and enhance your skills and try challenges to reach your full potential.

You will be trained in various disciplines and areas of service and will be given hands-on experience responding to the company’s needs. Batavia Air will enable you to climb higher on your career ladder to reach your professional goals.

We invite you to look into Batavia Air current job openings and consider joining an organization committed to its people and their personal and professional success. For more information, please visit our Career Web Site.

Click here for online recruitment

For further information you can contact this number: Phone: 021 - 3864308 eks. 171 or e-mail

1. Career Opportunity at Batavia Air

1. Engineers (Eng)
2. Mekanik (Mek)
3. Cabin Mekanik (CMek) + Cabin Maintenance (CM)
4. QA Inspector (QA)
5. Sheet Metal (SM)
6. PPC (PPC)
7. Engineering (E)
8. Logistic (Log)
9. MCC (MCC)
10. NDT Level 3 (NDT)
11. Mekanik GSE (MGSE) / Wing Man (WM)
12. Ground Support Bus Driver (GSBD)
13. Operation (Op)
14. FOO (FOO)
15. HRD (HRD)

Requirements No.1-6,8-18:

a. Pria (1-10,14-15), Wanita (13)
b. Maks 40 (1,10), Maks 35 (2,3), Maks 30 (5,7-9,14-15), 30-45 (4), Maks 25 (6,11-13)
c. D3/S1 Penerbangan (6),S1 T.Mesin diut.kan jur penerbangan (7),D3/lbh diut.kan D3 Penerbangan (8),SMK Penerbangan (11-12),D3 Komp (13),S1 Hukum (15)
d. Fresh Grad/Exp 1 th (2-3,11-14), Exp min 1 th (4,6-9,15)
e. Memiliki rating B 737 series & Airbus 319/320 diut.kan (1)
f. Memiliki lisence A1 & A4 (2); min A1 (3)
g. Memiliki tools diut.kan (5)
h. Mengerti sist. Record data (6); mengerti sist. Auto Cad (7)
i. Memiliki keckpan NDT/ND 1 Level.3
j. Memiliki SIM B1 (12)
l. Bersedia untuk ditempatkan di Balikpapan (1-8)
j. Bisa komputer, mahir Excel (13)
k. Diut.kan dom Tangerang & sekitarnya (15)

Please send your application, CV and newest photograph to HRD Department Batavia Air. Write the code in the left side the envelope
  • Female and single.
  • Between 18 – 23 years old.
  • Education: SMU/Diploma/Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Minimum height 163 cm with proportional weight.
  • Able to speak English or Mandarin is an advantage.
  • Physically and mentally healthy.
  • No contact lenses or eye glasses.
  • Approval letter from parents.
  • 1 photo size 4R showing full body.
  • 2 photos 4x6 cm in blue background.
Please send your application and CV to our HRD Dep.

Jl. Ir. H. Juanda Raya No. 15
Postcode 10120
Central Jakarta
Fax : 021 - 3864310
Telp : 021 - 3864308 eks. 171

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Play, manage and sync music from your desktop to your Android device.

Winamp for Android offers a complete music management solution (2.1 OS & above) featuring wireless desktop sync (Winamp 5.6 required), iTunes library import, & access to thousands of internet radio stations with SHOUTcast.

New Features:
* Download and stream free music
* Now Playing screen redesign
* Additional artist info including News
* Album art gesturing for track change
* Home screen redesign
* Browse by Genre
* Lock-screen player redesign
* Integration with Android's "listen to" Voice Action
* SHOUTcast (2.2 & above) Featured Stations
* Fixed crash issue on Sony Ericsson Xperia series
* New Languages: Dutch, Italian, Spanish & Turkish

Other Features:
Lock-screen player
Widget player (4x1 & 4x2)
Playlist shortcuts
Play queue management
Persistent player controls Scrobbling


Chrometa is a time tracking software for Windows that will possibly eliminate the question “Where did my time go?“. Once installed, Chrometa will track the amount of time you have spent on any application in a very detailed manner. When you’re on a browser for example, Chrometa will track the time you have spent on individual web pages

A copy of Chrometa used to be cost $99, but you can now get yourself a license key for free by just providing your email address (the key will be sent to your email). The license key will only work on the desktop version though, the web app version starts from $19 to $99.

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If you need a tool that can change your computer's fan speeds, read the temperatures of your motherboard and your hard disk, read voltages and fan speeds and check the status of your hard disk using S.M.A.R.T. or SCSI attributes, then you came to the right place. SpeedFan is the software to go. It is fully configurable and you can create custom events to handle every situation in an automated

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Accelerate the whole system with fast and efficient disk defragment

it is known that disk fragments has been a primary cause of slow and unstable PC performance. Smart Defrag 2 is such a FREE tool that provides extremely fast and efficient defragmentation to your hard drives intelligently for faster file loading and high disk performance. With "install it and forget it" feature, Smart Defrag 2 works automatically and quietly in the background on your PC, keeping your hard disk running at its top speed. This powerful, award-winning free defragmenter is 100% safe and clean with no adware, spyware, or viruses.


If you are looking for software that can read the text that you want, so Balabolka is software that you are looking for! Balabolka is a Text to Speech (TTS) software that can read any text with the accent and the language you want, starting from English, French, German, etc

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Adobe® Flash® Professional CS5 software is the industry standard for interactive authoring and delivery of immersive experiences that present consistently across personal computers, mobile devices, and screens of virtually any size and resolution.

Express your creative vision and attention to detail and design pixel-perfect interactive content with exceptional typography, flexible layouts, and incredibly smooth animation.

Develop cross-platform web applications and content with an integrated development environment that offers intelligent ActionScript® coding tools.

Wow your audience and produce engaging rich video content and interactivity that contains expressive, lifelike motion and animation.

What's new in Flash Professional CS5

* Text engine "NEW"
Take complete control over your text with print-quality typography via the new Text Layout Framework.
* Code Snippets panel "NEW"
Reduce the ActionScript® 3.0 learning curve and enable greater creativity by injecting prebuilt code into projects.
* ActionScript editor "ENHANCED"
Speed the development process with an improved ActionScript editor, including custom class code hinting and code completion.
* Creative Suite integration "ENHANCED"
Enhance productivity when using Adobe Creative Suite® components such as Adobe Photoshop®, Illustrator®, InDesign®, and Flash Builder™.
* Flash Builder integration "NEW"
Use Flash Builder as your primary ActionScript editor for Flash Professional projects.
* Video improvements "ENHANCED"
Streamline video processes with on-stage video scrubbing and a new cue points property inspector.
* XML-based FLA source files "NEW"
Manage and modify projects using source control systems and collaborate on files more easily.
* Wide content distribution"ENHANCED"
Publish content virtually anywhere, using Adobe AIR® for desktop applications and mobile platforms including the iPhone®*, or Adobe Flash Player for browser-based experiences.
* Spring for Bones "NEW"
Create more realistic inverse kinematic effects with new motion attributes added to the Bones tool.
* Deco drawing tools "NEW"
Add advanced animation effects with a new comprehensive set of brushes for the Deco tool.

Originally Posted by System Requirements

* Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor
* Microsoft® Windows® XP with Service Pack 2 (Service Pack 3 recommended); Windows Vista® Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise with Service Pack 1; or Windows 7
* 1GB of RAM
* 3.5GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on removable flash-based storage devices)
* 1024x768 display (1280x800 recommended) with 16-bit video card
* DVD-ROM drive
* QuickTime 7.6.2 software required for multimedia features
* Broadband Internet connection required for online services*
* Step by Step installation:
* Execute the "Setup.exe" to Run the Installation

#Click "ACCEPT" to continue the installation

 #Run the "CORE" patch to patch the host file, and run the keygen to generate a serial number. Copy the serial number to the installer and choose the language. After that, click NEXT.

#Skip the "Adobe ID login" step

#Choose the Flash CS5 components as needed, and click INSTALL. Wait until the installation finished.

#Now open the krack folder, depend on your OS system type (32bit or 64bit), copy the kracked AMTLib.dll into the Adobe Flash CS5 folder. Replace the original DLL with the kracked one.

Now, you can enjoy the Flash CS5 Professional.


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