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» » Career Opportunity at Batavia Air

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Careers with Batavia Air
Batavia Air continues to attract and recruit talented individuals from leading universities as well as industries. To meet our goals, we require intelligent, motivated, and client orientated people with a high level of English proficiency.

At Batavia Air, you will have many opportunities to develop and enhance your skills and try challenges to reach your full potential.

You will be trained in various disciplines and areas of service and will be given hands-on experience responding to the company’s needs. Batavia Air will enable you to climb higher on your career ladder to reach your professional goals.

We invite you to look into Batavia Air current job openings and consider joining an organization committed to its people and their personal and professional success. For more information, please visit our Career Web Site.

Click here for online recruitment

For further information you can contact this number: Phone: 021 - 3864308 eks. 171 or e-mail

1. Career Opportunity at Batavia Air

1. Engineers (Eng)
2. Mekanik (Mek)
3. Cabin Mekanik (CMek) + Cabin Maintenance (CM)
4. QA Inspector (QA)
5. Sheet Metal (SM)
6. PPC (PPC)
7. Engineering (E)
8. Logistic (Log)
9. MCC (MCC)
10. NDT Level 3 (NDT)
11. Mekanik GSE (MGSE) / Wing Man (WM)
12. Ground Support Bus Driver (GSBD)
13. Operation (Op)
14. FOO (FOO)
15. HRD (HRD)

Requirements No.1-6,8-18:

a. Pria (1-10,14-15), Wanita (13)
b. Maks 40 (1,10), Maks 35 (2,3), Maks 30 (5,7-9,14-15), 30-45 (4), Maks 25 (6,11-13)
c. D3/S1 Penerbangan (6),S1 T.Mesin diut.kan jur penerbangan (7),D3/lbh diut.kan D3 Penerbangan (8),SMK Penerbangan (11-12),D3 Komp (13),S1 Hukum (15)
d. Fresh Grad/Exp 1 th (2-3,11-14), Exp min 1 th (4,6-9,15)
e. Memiliki rating B 737 series & Airbus 319/320 diut.kan (1)
f. Memiliki lisence A1 & A4 (2); min A1 (3)
g. Memiliki tools diut.kan (5)
h. Mengerti sist. Record data (6); mengerti sist. Auto Cad (7)
i. Memiliki keckpan NDT/ND 1 Level.3
j. Memiliki SIM B1 (12)
l. Bersedia untuk ditempatkan di Balikpapan (1-8)
j. Bisa komputer, mahir Excel (13)
k. Diut.kan dom Tangerang & sekitarnya (15)

Please send your application, CV and newest photograph to HRD Department Batavia Air. Write the code in the left side the envelope
  • Female and single.
  • Between 18 – 23 years old.
  • Education: SMU/Diploma/Bachelor’s Degree.
  • Minimum height 163 cm with proportional weight.
  • Able to speak English or Mandarin is an advantage.
  • Physically and mentally healthy.
  • No contact lenses or eye glasses.
  • Approval letter from parents.
  • 1 photo size 4R showing full body.
  • 2 photos 4x6 cm in blue background.
Please send your application and CV to our HRD Dep.

Jl. Ir. H. Juanda Raya No. 15
Postcode 10120
Central Jakarta
Fax : 021 - 3864310
Telp : 021 - 3864308 eks. 171

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